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We move through spacetime at the speed of light.

Lyrics to Seasons in the Sun

Pbase.com is my favorite place to browse great photos on the web.

Europe should be screaming at the USA for causing the 2015 Middle East Migrant problem US Take out 7.

Since Corporations want a Global System, why should we worry about countries like Russia trying to influence our elections. Lets open our elections to Global influence just like we have opened our Corporations to be able to exploit the Global labor force. The rest of the Globe should have a say in US elections.

Do you see a debt ceiling?
At least someone's tax rates have been falling; mine sure have not.

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind - Hidden Secrets of Money: 30 minutes on how money comes from nothing

Speakeasy Speed Test

My IP address changes at random times and my domain name to IP address mapping must be done manually. So this site is sort of hit or miss as far as being "UP". As you can see, there is nothing of any significance here so it is no big deal that it is not always reachable to the world.

A little history of Saddam Hussein: 1 MB Flash movie
War Crimes: 1 MB Flash movie
Victory? 1 MB Flash movie

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Hit play and when the black and white stripes appear stare at them for a few seconds and then look at a different part of your screen. It will be wavy like gravy man. Be prepared.

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